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Once apon a time in a faraway land
Ruled a king and queen hand in hand

When the king was away at war
Above the casal a good wizard sored

He tried to keep the evil forces away
As hard as he tried they darkened the day

The king returned victories
Only to find the casal serounded by sadness

The wizard told him it was a cerse
He loved his wife more than anything on earth

That's why he had to make the sadness go away
He took his horn and began to play

He played the song he wrote for their wedding day
It was so romantic the river made waves and the trees began to sway

The sadness slowly drifted away
And a few mounths later a little one was on the way

By: Joanne J. Keith

(I wrote this for my dear sister Deidre and my brother in law Justin Herris.)

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